Delta App Users Experience Frustration as Android Version Fails to Work Properly

Delta app users have been facing a myriad of issues with the Android version of the app recently. Many users have reported frustration and disappointment with the app’s performance on their Android devices. The problems range from crashes and slow performance to login issues and missing features. It is clear that the Android version of the Delta app is not living up to users’ expectations, and this has caused a great deal of frustration.

Android Version Crashes Frequently

One common complaint among Delta app users on Android is the frequent crashing of the app. Many users have reported that the app crashes unexpectedly, often while they are in the middle of booking a flight or managing their reservations. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when users have to start the process all over again after the crash. The instability of the app has caused a great deal of inconvenience for users, and has led many to consider switching to alternative travel apps.

Slow Performance and Unresponsiveness

In addition to frequent crashes, the Android version of the Delta app also suffers from slow performance and unresponsiveness. Users have reported that the app takes a long time to load, and once it does, it often lags and freezes. This makes it difficult for users to navigate the app and complete their tasks efficiently. The slow performance and unresponsiveness of the app has made it a frustrating experience for many users, and has led to a decrease in app usage among Android users.

Login Issues and Missing Features

Some users have also encountered login issues with the Delta app on Android. They have reported problems with logging in to their accounts, and have had to go through multiple attempts before being able to access their accounts. In addition, many Android users have noticed that certain features are missing from the app, which are available on the iOS version. This has caused disappointment among Android users, as they feel that they are not getting the same experience as iPhone users.


Overall, it is clear that the Android version of the Delta app is not working as it should. Users have experienced frequent crashes, slow performance, unresponsiveness, login issues, and missing features. This has led to frustration, disappointment, and a decrease in app usage among Android users. It is crucial for Delta to address these issues and improve the performance of their Android app in order to retain their user base and prevent them from switching to other travel apps.


1. Is there a fix for the crashing issue on the Android version of the Delta app?

At the moment, Delta has not released a fix for the crashing issue on the Android version of the app. Users are advised to keep their app updated, and to contact Delta’s customer support if they continue to experience crashes.

2. Are there any plans to update the Android version of the Delta app to improve its performance?

Delta has not made any official announcements regarding updates for the Android version of their app. However, it is likely that they are aware of the issues and are working on solutions to improve the app’s performance.

3. Can users expect to see missing features on the Android version of the Delta app in the future?

It is unclear whether Delta has plans to add missing features to the Android version of their app. Users can provide feedback to the company and request for the inclusion of missing features in future updates.

delta app not working on android
Delta app users are expressing their frustration as the Android version of the app fails to work properly. Many users have reported experiencing glitches and bugs while using the app, which has led to a decline in user satisfaction.

One of the major issues that users have been facing is the app crashing unexpectedly, making it difficult for them to access their travel information and make necessary changes to their itineraries. This has resulted in a lot of inconvenience for travelers who rely on the app to manage their flights and monitor their travel plans.

Another common problem that users have encountered is the app freezing or lagging while trying to navigate through different sections. This has caused delays and made it difficult for users to efficiently use the app to check in, access their boarding passes, and receive real-time updates on their flights.

Some users have also complained about the app not displaying accurate information, such as flight statuses and gate assignments. This has caused unnecessary confusion and stress for travelers who are trying to stay updated on their travel plans and make necessary arrangements.

The lack of timely updates and fixes from Delta has only added to the frustration of users, who feel that their concerns are not being addressed in a timely and effective manner. This has led to a decline in user trust and confidence in the app, as users question its reliability and usability.

Many users have taken to social media and online forums to voice their dissatisfaction with the app, expressing their disappointment with the lack of a seamless and user-friendly experience. Some have even expressed their intention to switch to alternative travel apps that offer a more reliable and functional experience.

In response to the growing outcry from users, Delta has acknowledged the issues with the Android version of the app and has pledged to work on resolving the issues promptly. The airline has assured users that they are actively working on updates and fixes to ensure that the app delivers a smooth and reliable experience for all users. However, the challenge remains for Delta to regain the trust and confidence of its frustrated app users. delta app not working on android


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