Ex-Trump legal advisor criticizes California schools for limiting parental rights: Calls it ‘indoctrination’

Former legal advisor to President Donald Trump criticizes California schools for taking away parents’ rights and pushing indoctrination

January 31, 2021 – Parents and students gather outside of Benton High School in Portland, Oregon to demand the immediate reopening of schools. (KATU Image)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CITC) — May Mailman, a former legal advisor to President Donald Trump, has voiced concern over the lack of transparency and communication with parents in California regarding their children, particularly around gender identity issues.

Mailman, who advised the former president on various social issues, spoke with British news outlet GB News and indicated that parental rights are gradually being eroded. She pointed to public school curriculums and policies that she believes prioritize the indoctrination of students.

“When you still think that Santa Claus is real, when you don’t really know what it means to be a woman or a man … of course it is confusing to be able to think in your mind that you can choose,” Mailman said in the interview with GB News. “Not only do you confuse kids … but you take away parental rights.”

Mailman specifically called out California for withholding information from parents at both the state and local levels, citing concerns about gender transition and the information being provided to parents. She criticized the lack of transparency and accused school districts of leaving parents in the dark.

The issue of gender identity in schools in California has led to legal action, with two teachers suing the California Department of Education and the Escondido Union School District over a policy that they claim forced them to lie to parents about their children’s gender identities. The lawsuit alleges that the policy directed teachers to aid a transgender student’s social transition without informing parents.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta has also been involved in legal battles related to gender identity in schools, leading a statewide effort to restrict information on students’ gender identities from their parents. Bonta has filed lawsuits against school districts that he believes violate state law and threaten the safety of LGBTQ+ students.

The controversy surrounding gender identity in California schools has drawn attention from lawmakers as well, with a bill introduced to restrict school board members from opposing inclusive policies and curriculum. Under the bill, board members could be removed for taking actions that contradict laws requiring schools to have inclusive policies.

The issue continues to divide California communities and raise questions about parental rights and the role of schools in educating students about gender identity issues.

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