California faces potential flooding and mudslides as Pacific storm approaches

A Pacific storm is expected to bring heavy rain and potential flooding to California, with the center of the low-pressure system currently located west of San Francisco. The storm is forecasted to move south along the coast, prompting advisories for minor flooding in the San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey Bay. A marine warning has also been issued for waters off the central coast due to a severe thunderstorm capable of producing waterspouts.

The storm is anticipated to have major impacts from the central coast south through Los Angeles to San Diego, with flood watches warning of roadway flooding, rockslides, mudslides, debris flows from wildfire burn scars, and travel delays. Rainfall totals could reach up to 10 inches in some foothills and coastal slopes, while snowfall is expected to be limited to high elevations in the southern Sierra Nevada and some Southern California ranges.

This storm is expected to jumpstart a rainy season that has been slow to start, following a year of heavy rainfall that refilled reservoirs emptied by a prolonged drought. The storm is predicted to be more powerful than the one earlier in the week and has the potential to cause significant impacts throughout the region.


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