Getting to Know the Faces of Contacto Deportivo: Meet the Hosts

For years, Contacto Deportivo hosts have been an integral part of the sports television landscape. With their expertise, charisma, and dedication, they bring the latest news, highlights, and insights to sports fans across the nation. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the talented individuals who anchor Contacto Deportivo and give you a glimpse into their backgrounds and contributions to the show.

Rodolfo Landeros

One of the well-known Contacto Deportivo hosts is Rodolfo Landeros. Rodolfo has been a fixture on the show, providing in-depth analysis and commentary on a wide range of sports. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field, he offers viewers valuable perspectives and astute observations on the latest sports events and developments. Rodolfo’s engaging on-air presence and passion for sports have made him a fan favorite and a respected figure in the sports media industry.

Fernando Fiore

Another prominent figure among the Contacto Deportivo hosts is Fernando Fiore. Known for his charismatic personality and lively on-screen presence, Fernando brings a unique blend of entertainment and sports expertise to the show. With his trademark catchphrase “¡Vamos!”, he rallies sports fans with his enthusiasm and energy. Fernando’s extensive career in sports broadcasting has earned him a loyal following and established him as a beloved figure in the sports media world.

Lindsay Casinelli

Lindsay Casinelli is a key member of the Contacto Deportivo hosts lineup. As a talented journalist and presenter, Lindsay provides viewers with insightful commentary and engaging interviews on a variety of sports topics. Her professionalism and poise make her a respected voice in sports media, and her ability to connect with athletes and sports figures adds a unique dimension to the show. Lindsay’s passion for sports and her dedication to delivering top-notch coverage have earned her a well-deserved reputation as a leading sports host.

Alejandro Berry

Alejandro Berry is a vital part of the Contacto Deportivo hosts team. With his depth of knowledge and expertise in sports journalism, Alejandro brings a thoughtful and informed perspective to the show. His ability to provide keen insights and thoughtful analysis sets him apart as a trusted authority in the world of sports media. Alejandro’s passion for sports and his commitment to delivering comprehensive and engaging coverage make him an indispensable asset to Contacto Deportivo.


As you can see, the Contacto Deportivo hosts are a diverse and talented group of individuals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the show. Whether it’s Rodolfo Landeros’ astute analysis, Fernando Fiore’s lively enthusiasm, Lindsay Casinelli’s insightful interviews, or Alejandro Berry’s thoughtful commentary, each host plays a crucial role in delivering top-notch sports coverage to viewers. Their passion for sports and dedication to their craft are evident in every broadcast, making Contacto Deportivo a go-to destination for sports fans.


1. How long have the Contacto Deportivo hosts been a part of the show?

The Contacto Deportivo hosts have been an integral part of the show for several years, contributing their expertise, charisma, and passion for sports to deliver engaging and informative coverage to viewers.

2. What sets the Contacto Deportivo hosts apart from other sports media personalities?

The Contacto Deportivo hosts stand out for their diverse backgrounds, deep knowledge of sports, and ability to connect with viewers. Whether it’s providing insightful analysis, conducting engaging interviews, or delivering lively commentary, each host brings a unique perspective to the show.

3. How do the Contacto Deportivo hosts contribute to the overall success of the show?

The Contacto Deportivo hosts play a crucial role in delivering high-quality sports coverage to viewers, drawing on their expertise and passion for sports to provide comprehensive analysis, lively commentary, and engaging interviews. Their dedication and professionalism contribute to the show’s overall success.

contacto deportivo hosts
Contacto Deportivo is a popular Spanish-language sports talk show that airs on Univision and features a dynamic cast of hosts who bring a fresh perspective to sports news and analysis. Each host brings a unique background and expertise to the show, making it a must-watch for Spanish-speaking sports fans.

One of the hosts of Contacto Deportivo is Elizabeth Pérez, who has been a fixture in Spanish-language sports broadcasting for years. Her passion for sports and natural charisma make her a favorite among viewers. With her extensive knowledge of the sports world, she brings a depth of insight to the show that is unmatched.

Another face of Contacto Deportivo is Héctor Sánchez, a former professional soccer player turned sports broadcaster. His on-field experience gives him a unique perspective that adds depth to the show’s analysis. His vibrant personality and knowledge of the game make him a valuable asset to the show.

In addition to Pérez and Sánchez, the show also features Diego Balado, a seasoned sports journalist with years of experience covering the biggest events in the sports world. His in-depth knowledge and journalistic expertise bring a level of credibility to the show that is unparalleled.

Rounding out the team of hosts is Alejandro Berry, a former basketball player with a passion for sports and a strong understanding of the game. His insight and analysis of basketball and other sports bring a fresh perspective to the show that is both entertaining and informative.

Together, these hosts make up a dynamic and diverse team that brings a fresh perspective to sports broadcasting. Their unique backgrounds and expertise in the sports world make Contacto Deportivo a must-watch for Spanish-speaking sports fans. With their passion for sports and engaging personalities, they have quickly become fan favorites in the world of Spanish-language sports broadcasting.

Whether discussing the latest soccer match, basketball game, or other sporting events, the hosts of Contacto Deportivo provide insightful analysis and engaging commentary that keeps viewers coming back for more. With their diverse backgrounds and expertise, they bring a dynamic energy to the show that sets it apart from other sports talk shows. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or just someone who enjoys engaging sports analysis, Contacto Deportivo and its hosts have something for everyone. contacto deportivo hosts


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